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Market analysis

Every new project starts with a comprehensive market analysis. Lenis and our experienced partners in each country have in-depth knowledge of the local environment. We perform primary interviews to complement third party market data. We assess the market potential by evaluating the existing and expected innovative and generic competitors before making our recommendation.

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KOL mapping & engagement

Our experienced personnel in every country prepare a map of the most important decision makers for each therapeutic area in focus. We seek their advice early in the identification of unmet therapeutic needs. Over time, we develop trusting working relationships for the benefit of patients.

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Regulatory Affairs

We have regulatory expertise for all the countries in our region. Different regulatory authorities have different requirements, and our deep knowledge of local specifics helps achieve rapid approvals, which are essential for patient access to new medicines. By timely regulatory action, we contribute to business flexibility even in cases where circumstances require exceptional approvals. We provide regulatory services covering the entire lifecycle of licensed medicines, and in cases of unmet need, we obtain the required approvals for importing unlicensed medicines.

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Medical Support

Our medical department has an important role in internal education in specific therapeutic areas and medicinal products. They serve as a professional point of contact for health-care experts. We work to increase awareness about diseases and treatment options by organizing various medical activities and events. Our aim is to provide conditions that enable the best possible patient care and increase patients’ quality of life. Our medical team also ensures that all our activities, collaborations, and materials follow strict professional standards and business compliance rules.

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Market Access

We believe that expertise in the pricing and reimbursement process is one of the key competencies for a successful distributor. Wherever possible, we perform these activities with in-house personnel. Each country has its own rules and rituals on the path leading to a good price and early product reimbursement. Experienced local team members have been crucial to many success stories throughout Lenis history, including first-of-its-kind arrangements.

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Local packaging adaptation

Lenis is in possession of a GMP license that allows us to apply local labels and patient information leaflets (PIL) to the original secondary packaging, where required. The re-labelling is done by our pre-approved subcontractors, mostly members of the Phoenix Group.

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Marketing & Sales

Lenis employs a mix of experienced commercial leaders with a successful work history in innovative and generic pharmaceutical companies. Their knowledge and ideas are complemented by a group of enthusiastic young performers. Several success stories are presented here.

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Public Affairs

The Public Affairs team’s function is to communicate and interact with non-governmental organizations, patient associations, and other non-medical stakeholders. We learn about their unmet needs in order to support their activities and projects, making the lives of patients, and society as a whole, better. This is one of the ways our company gives back to the community.

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Wholesale & Distribution

Lenis uses Kemofarmacija, Slovenia’s largest wholesaler and member of the Phoenix Group, as our third party logistics (3PL) provider. They manage our regional warehouse in Ljubljana. In addition, we have a bonded warehouse in Serbia for easier distribution throughout the non-EU territory.

Lenis acts as a wholesaler in our base country Slovenia. In all other countries, Lenis stores and distributes medicines in collaboration with the most reputable local wholesalers.

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Nowadays, pharmacovigilance is an essential function in pharmaceutical companies. Lenis and our partners strictly comply with all pharmacovigilance requirements and have a network of experts in this field in each country where we do business. We have regular internal and external audits and inspections by our suppliers and state authorities. For us, pharmacovigilance is not only an obligation that needs to be fulfilled, but an important aspect of our mission to continuously provide safe medicines to patients.

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