Neglecting your liver means neglecting yourself

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As a vital powerhouse, the liver performs over 500 essential functions in the body. Unfortunately, many liver diseases can quietly progress without symptoms, leading to delayed diagnoses of chronic conditions. The good news? Up to 90% of liver disease cases are preventable.

Regular exercise, a balanced diet, routine checkups, minimizing exposure to environmental toxins, abstaining from excessive alcohol consumption, and ensuring vaccination against hepatitis A and B are all essential measures. Additionally, practicing good hygiene, including handwashing and safe sex practices, further contributes to liver wellness.

Lenis, alongside its partners, is committed to supporting the liver community and elevating standards of care for individuals with hepatitis B, C, and D, Wilson’s disease, and primary biliary cholangitis. This year, we are marking April 19th, World Liver Day, by joining the #StepUpForLiverHealth challenge. Through this initiative, we aim to raise awareness and foster healthy living practices among our employees.

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