Lunch with the President of the Republic of Slovenia

The President of the Republic of Slovenia, Nataša Pirc Musar, PhD, hosted a working lunch for nine outstanding businessmen and businesswomen who received the highest awards for their achievements in the past year. Among them was our director, Vita Godec, PhD, who particularly emphasized the importance of caring for talent: “Slovenian companies will be competitive if they can attract and retain talent, involve them, educate them for life, empower them and reward them fairly.

At Lenis, we welcome the President’s initiative to strengthen dialogue with the Slovenian economy. Those gathered prove that it can be done, if desired, despite bureaucratic obstacles, unpredictable tax and financial environment, and an ever-increasing shortage of suitable staff.

In addition to Vita Godec, PhD, the meeting was attended by the director of IMP PUMPS, d.o.o. Damir Popović, Deputy Director of RLS Merilna tehnika, d.o.o. Matija Novak, Janko Koprivec, Siliko, d.o.o., Director of Kolding, d.o.o. Milan Košeljnik, Director of Roletarstvo Medle, d.o.o. Robert Medle, Director of Megras, d.o.o. Dragan Mešič, Director of ADRIA DOM, d.o.o. Marta Kelvišar, and Franc Branko Selak, Marmor Hotavlje, d.o.o.

kosilo pri NPM
Image source: Nataša Pirc Musar LinkedIn